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  • signature and glyph on Sandy Bar

    carving outside and winter sun

    Carving outside again and enjoying the walk across the park…and Sandy Bar is finished.

  • Victoria Park is still open despite the gathering gloom

    Heading home after carving Sandy Bar

    heading home in the dusk, on foot via Victoria Park and Well Street Common. Diana’s sulking with her passenger door…

  • Baddeley's stone with all the background removed

    Background removed from Baddeley’s stone

    The background star effect had to be removed¬†in the end. Making this piece has made me think about how on…

  • close-up of starting part of the background

    An ephemeral white line

    The white line effect around the letters is caused when the chisel cuts the stone. I think there must be…

  • close up of transferring the image for Sandy Bar

    Sandy Bar is on its way

    Preparing Sandy Bar…I’m going to carve the letters in relief, so it’s lucky the stone is so soft and forgiving.…

  • completed, February 2016

    Charley the Cat

    Memorial stone: Elterwater green limestone from Cumbria: Digital typeset using Orpheus Pro Italic font: lettercut and then letters white waxed,…

  • graphite rubbing of Baddeley's stone

    Graphite pencil rubbing of Baddeley’s stone