Resources, Links and Thanks


‘The Art of Letter Carving in Stone’ – Tom Perkins
‘Lettercutting in Stone’– Richard Grasby
‘Creative Lettering Today’ – Michael Harvey
‘Lettering – A reference manual of techniques’ – Andrew Haslam
‘Stone – A legacy and inspiration for art’ – Edited by Andrew Patrizio
‘Letters Slate Cut – Workshop philosophy and practice in the making of letters’ – David Kindersley & Lida Lopes Cardoza
‘Slate and Soft Stone Sculpture’ – Frank Eliscu


Alec Tiranti Ltd


The Lettering & Commemorative Arts Trust
The Stone Carving & Lettering Studio
The City Lit 
Letter Exchange


I could not have carved the pieces I have made since without the support, encouragement and insight of my teachers and fellow stone carvers. It is a generous community and to them I owe much of my happiness.
Geoffrey Aldred
Chris Elsey
Eric Marland
Tom Perkins 
Pip Hall
Jim Milner
Henry Gray
Tom Sargeant
and my fellow stone carvers Chipp Jansen, Tom Knutson, Hope Pym, Andrew Kent

Thanks also to

Anne-Marie Conway, who went with me on those first two carving weekends with Graeme, and who bought me my first set of carving chisels, a dummy hammer, mask and goggles. The tungsten tipped point has proved to be an unusual and useful tool.

Nathan Collis, hand sign-writer who generously shares his studio space with me in Hackney Wick and whose sharp eye for lettering is invaluable.

David Lovelock, designer who provides endless computer wizardry, design advice and another sharp eye for lettering.

My friends and ex-colleagues at Calverts who tolerated my eccentricity for years, and shared their knowledge of typography and design.

Alfredo Arreguín, artist who gave permission for me to use his original art as the basis for Nataasha.

Eric Gill, sculptor, typeface designer, stonecutter and printmaker, whose calligraphy is the basis for the lettering of Yama and Niyama, and whose drawings are the basis for Osmaston Floriated, Holy Spirit and Garden of  Eden.

Matisse, artist, whose art is the basis for Two Masks (The Tomato).