Love Begets

chopping the letters for Love Begets

Eleterwater green slate from Cumbria: Hand-drawn italics: words from my poem

love begets
in this house a child who smiles
at breakfast, stories read,
bath time toys and early bed.
things more ephemeral, the dance
of code the mind can see
but words explain less eloquently.
the shapes created in the virtual world
picked up, moulded by other minds
into concrete shapes and solid lines.
a creative force to make a substantial
lasting mark upon the world, to be active
in the process of change, not passive.
the burning urge to make and mate,
mix, match and bind science with arts
so the sum is greater than its parts
in me, in all these things, the book you hold
in your hand, or carved in stone,
each tap a word, a seed that’s sown.

Love Begets, completed 1st February 2015