Maker’s mark

Caen limestone from France (Acupuncture)

Caen limestone from France Acupuncture

The tricky issue of the ‘maker’s mark’ has led to much amusement with my fellow carvers. The maker’s mark traditionally takes a few minutes to complete, not a major project in itself. My first attempt on Acupuncture took almost as long as the piece itself – an afternoon.

After that I gave up and just carved my signature, though that’s still not exactly swift.

carving signature, flood painting with acrylic prior to final sanding took approx six hours

Purbeck thornback limestone, saw cut side, painted and sanded Nataasha

Corris slate from North Wales (Garden of Eden)

Welsh slate, riven side Garden of Eden

Welsh slate, riven side

Welsh slate, riven side Sorrow








Then I started experimenting with glyphs. Quicker, but still tricky to carve.

oiling the stone makes a difference

incised and oiled Garden of Eden

glyph carved in relief

carved in relief Nataasha

signature and glyph on the back of Nataasha, portland limestone

painted Nataasha

idea for glyph on the back of Sorrow, welsh slate

same, same, but different







And finally I think I’ve got there! Takes about 10minutes.

maker's mark at last

Heather red slate, riven side